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54 Products

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Pickleball Paddle Reviews By Players Were Used To Select These Paddles

We collect thousands of pickleball paddle reviews each year from our customers, your fellow players. These paddle reviews can help tell you as much about a paddle as anything Pickleball Central or the paddle manufacturer can tell you. Our team decided to curate a category of just our best-rated paddles. In order for a paddle to make it onto this list, it had to meet three criteria. First, it needed to have a 5-Star Paddle Rating. Second, it needed to have at least 20 ACTUAL customer reviews so you could trust the reviews to give you unique insights into the paddle's performance. Finally, the paddle needed to be proven in the field for at least 4 months.

How Reviews Can Help You Select The Best Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball Central has collected over 40,000 reviews from real players. We are fortunate that our customers LOVE pickleball, and as such, they love to help other players learn about the equipment they use. There are over 50 paddles on this page, and each of these paddles averages over 100 reviews. You will see a wide variety of paddle types, from almost all of the major manufacturers. These are the highest-rated models from each company, proven on pickleball courts for months and years. Read through the small description below each paddle to learn a bit more about that model, and click through to read the actual ratings and reviews from our customers. Many of the paddles will also include videos from players collected at tournaments, or additional information crafted by our in-house playing staff. We hope you enjoy the reviews, and hope they help select the best possible paddle for your style of play!