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44 Products
replacement pickleball grips and overgrips

Pickleball Paddle Grips & Edge Protection

The grip on a pickleball paddle is one of the most important parts of the whole paddle. It’s what you grasp throughout the duration of your pickleball fun and fights off sweaty palms! It’s not uncommon to need to replace the existing grip on your paddle if it’s seen a little too much love. Reach for any of these grips to give new life to your paddle. If you want to add a bit of thickness to your handle, you can also apply a grip on top of the existing one to increase the grip’s circumference. Still feeling confused on which grip is right for you? Then click here to check out our Grip Guide.

Pickleball Grip Guide

While they may not be the most glamorous part of a paddle, grips can make or break your game. It’s important to not only pay attention to how easily you can hold your paddle, but also examine how weight, bulk and comfort affect your game. There are many options available if you love how a certain paddle plays but it isn’t feeling right in your hand.

A Quick Note on Grips vs Overgrips

Some people use these terms interchangeably, but they are slightly different. Grips are meant to cover the very core of your paddle—usually pallets made of wood, plastic, a molded foam base, etc. They are made of thick materials and are meant to entirely replace the grip your paddle came with (meaning you would take the original grip off and wrap the base with the new grip).

Overgrips are meant to go on top of your grip. They are very thin and add extra tackiness, absorption or comfort without adding a lot of weight or changing the shape of your grip. You can still use a regular grip on top of your original grip if you do want to change the overall feel of your paddle or add a lot of bulk/weight. Quite a few people do this, but if you’re only looking to alter the tackiness, stick to an overgrip instead. Below you’ll find an overview of the grips and overgrips we currently carry to help decide which might suit you best.

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Choosing the Best Unique Sports Grip

Tourna Tac

The Tourna Tac is an overgrip made to provide a high amount of tackiness for improved paddle handling. It does not have a high amount of moisture absorption, though, so it’s best not used by those concerned with sweaty hands or playing in humid conditions.

Tourna Grip

The Tourna Grip is the moisture absorbent version of the Tourna Tac. With it, you have nothing to fear even on the hottest of summer days. It has a large fan base that has only grown since its creation in 1997.


The Softgrip is super smooth but allows you to prevent slippery hands from ruining your game. Each of the Softgrip bundles actually include enough material for 3 overgrips, or you can layer them for additional bulk.

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