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7 Products

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Fast, Free Delivery for Amazon Prime Members

Here at Pickleball Central, we understand that sometimes you just need your pickleball gear as fast as possible. Maybe you're replacing a broken paddle or shopping for a last-minute gift. Ordering one of these products included in our Buy with Prime program means you'll receive all the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member, such as fast, free delivery by Amazon's team of dedicated drivers. What could be easier?

What is Buy with Prime?

Buy with Prime is an US based solution for Amazon Prime members that allows you to shop directly from participating online stores and enjoy the same benefits and trusted experience you expect from Amazon.


How Does Buy with Prime Work?

When you check out using Buy with Prime, you enjoy a free and fast delivery experience. Just click on the Buy with Prime checkout button on our qualifying products and you will be prompted to log into your Amazon account which will prepopulate all your payment and shipping preferences allowing you to check out in just a few clicks.


How Do I Make a Purchase?

Simply follow these steps, click on the Buy with Prime checkout button, Link your Amazon account and now complete your order with all your Amazon saved and preferred methods of payment and shipment.


Where Do I Check the Status of My Order?

Check your order status by clicking on the link in your shipment confirmation email. Buy with Prime purchases cannot be tracked on your orders page or in the Amazon mobile app.


What is the Buy with Prime Return Policy?

To initiate a return, follow the link in your order confirmation email. A return label and a full refund will be provided as long as the items meet the conditions and are returned within the return window. For more questions about the process, and return eligibility, contact us at


Who Do I Contact for Issues Or Questions About My Order?

For any questions regarding your Buy with Prime order, please contact our team at


Do I have To Be a Prime Member to Use Buy with Prime?

Yes, you must be an Amazon Prime member to make a purchase on using Buy with Prime. when you click the Buy with Prime button, you will be prompted to sign into your Amazon account and your order will be processed using your preferred payment and shipment method in your Amazon account.


How Do Refunds Work for Buy with Prime Purchases?

For eligible orders, you’ll receive a refund once the item is dropped off and scanned at a USPS location. Otherwise, the refund will be processed once the item is received and reviewed at our fulfillment center. It could take up to seven business days for the refund to show up in your account.


Can I Use Amazon gift cards When I Use Buy with Prime?

Amazon gift cards, promotional discounts or points cannot be used as a payment method when ordering with Buy with Prime.


Can I Make Buy with Prime Purchases If I'm Not In the US?

The shipping address must be within the US so the order can be placed using Buy with Prime.


Can I Set up Subscriptions Using Buy with Prime?

Buy with Prime does not support subscriptions.


What Happens If My Order Is Late?

If your order is late, please make sure to double check your shipping address for missing apartment number/building/floor. If your order did not arrive within the anticipated timeframe, please check your order status or contact our team at any time at


What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

Buy with Prime leverages the credit or debit card you have on file in your Amazon account. Credit cards currently accepted include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB.


How is Sales Tax Determined?

Taxes on your order will vary by state and be calculated automatically based on your delivery address. This can be seen broken down by amount on the checkout page.